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Review of The Power of Zero movie

Review of The Power of Zero movie

October 28, 2019

While skimming through the documentary section of Amazon Video lately, I discovered the movie, The Power of Zero.  I had read the book by the same title by David McKnight a while back but had no idea there was a film released.  Like the book, the theme of the movie is to be aware of future potential tax law changes and how they could impact your retirement.

In my opinion, this movie review comes down to two factors.

Factor number one; this movie hits you with a lot of statistics.  From the first minutes of the movie, you will need a note pad if you want to remember the facts the director hits you with.  From Social Security to Government Spending to Tax Rates, there is a lot of information here and it comes quickly.  If you are not worried about the National Debt going into this movie, you will be coming out.

Factor number two; this documentary has plenty of knowledgeable guest appearances.  While some of the speakers in the documentary seem to give their opinions, I really gained insight from the portions featuring David Walker who was the US Comptroller from 1998 to 2008.  Hon. George P. Shultz, PH.D. , Former Secretary of State, also gives some unique perspective to the financial troubles our country faces.

The movie, like the book, encourages viewers to be proactive with their personal finances and sheds a light on some large financial problems our government is facing.  In short, it is fitting that I review this movie the week of Halloween; it may very well scare you.

I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.