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Statue Found In Parking Lot

March 20, 2024

A touch of mystery from the ancient world has surfaced in an unexpected place: a parking lot in England! A centuries-old Roman statue was discovered during construction work at the Burghley Estate. It is known for its rich collection of art and sculptures and its appearances in productions like "The Crown" and "Pride & Prejudice." 👑 The marble statue portrays an aristocratic Roman woman and was found alongside a matching marble bust by an alert excavator operator. 👑 The discovery, now dated to the first or second century, has puzzled experts - how did these priceless artifacts end up buried in a parking lot? 👑 One theory suggests the Ninth Earl of Burghley may have purchased the statue during a tour to Italy in the 1760s, but this doesn't explain how it ended up buried. 👑 Other theories include a failed robbery or simple discarding - the truth remains buried in history. You can see this enigmatic find from March 16, when it goes on display at the Burghley Estate alongside other fascinating sculptures. 🖼️ Isn't it incredible how history can pop up when we least expect it? #RomanStatue #BurghleyEstate #MysteryUnearthed 🕰️🔦 Source:

Ancient statue unearthed during parking lot construction: "A complete mystery"